Eurovite brands

The main brands within Eurovite are Topcer, Johnson Tiles, Kalebodur, El Halcon, Tau Ceramica and Kronos. The main formula is the Saint Malo formula.



Topcer floor tiles can be found time and again in buildings with character all over the world. This Portuguese company specialises in thoroughly double-fired porcelain floor tiles, mainly in 10x10 and 15x15, and combines its floor tiles with mostly authentic Victorian decoration. Topcer inspires not just classical renovations but also industrial designs, bathroom facilities, traditional farms and the stateliness of a classic town hall. The double-fired Topcer tiles can be used almost anywhere, while the special fittings, such as sanitary skirting boards and anti-slip tiles, also offer added value.

Johnson Tiles


H&R Johnson Tiles is justifiably one of the more classic brands, established in 1901 and still going strong. H&R Johnson, founded in Stoke on Trent in the UK, produces both wall and floor tiles according to the cradle-to-cradle principle and has always been a company focused on more than just profit and returns. Durability and sustainability have remained important pillars ever since it was established. H&R Johnson is able to manufacture niche products in small series and in small sizes starting at 10x10. The biscuit, glaze and colours are of unrivalled quality, and the modular aspects (10x10/10x20/15x15/20x20) also offer added value. Very few manufacturers offer a full range like this.



Kalebodur is more than just a tile factory. “Kale”, as the brand is called in the professional tile world, is part of the Kale Group and, with the incredible production capacity of 180,000 m2 per day, it is one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Kale produces in sizes of 15x15 to as big as 100x300, both glazed and unglazed. Kale also has the very latest technologies, including the ability to produce ultra-thin 3mm material (Sinterflex). Kale is justifiably a global industrial powerhouse.



Kronos began as a brand in 1980 and has since developed into a connoisseur among tile producers. Operating mainly as a developer, exclusively of floor tiles, Kronos proves time and again that it can bring to market unique and innovative products. These vary in size from 30x30 to 80x180 and 120x240.
Kronos is not just a connoisseur, but also a trendsetter!

Grupo Halcón

El Halcon

With more than 50 years’ experience, El Halcon has become a leading Spanish producer on the international ceramics market. El Halcon manufactures a very wide and varied range of wall and floor tiles at very competitive prices. The range consists of ceramic tiles with both a white and a red composition and a very wide assortment of colours, sizes and textures. El Halcon has advanced production systems and is committed to looking after the environment partly by using recycled material during the production process. In 2017, El Halcon again made a very big investment in its factories, making it now one of the largest ceramics companies in Spain with the highest production capacity in the ceramics sector. El Halcon has 16 production lines and a production capacity of 40,000,000 m². The sizes of the wall tiles vary from 20x50 to 30x90. The floor sizes range from 33.3x33.3 to the larger 23.3x120.

Tau Cerámica

Tau Ceramica

Tau Ceramica has also now celebrated its 50th anniversary and has always been one of the big Spanish names on the ceramics market, partly due to its technical quality and striking aesthetics. With half a century of experience, Tau is confident about the future and will be making further investments in innovation and development in 2018. It also invests in new showroom concepts, especially since joining the Pamesa Group in 2016. Tau Ceramica derives its latest inspiration from nature (wood, marble, stone and metal) and then translates that into ceramic products of high technical quality with a wide range of sizes, textures and colours. Tau Ceramica first did this at the end of the 1960s and is still doing it 50 years on.

Cotto dEste

Cotto d’Este

Cotto d’Este was established in Sassuolo in 1993 by Paolo Mussini, who is still the Managing Director of this now renowned brand, part of the Panaria Group, which was founded back then by Paolo’s father, Guilermo Mussini. The Panaria Group, of which Cotto d’Este is part, has since expanded into one of the leading Italian industrial ceramics groups and, as such, is also listed on the Milan stock exchange.

Right from the outset, Cotto d’Este set its sights on meeting the demands of the most discerning customers in particular, focusing from the beginning on very high-end wall and floor tiles in a sophisticated design. Research and development have therefore always been key to Cotto d’Este’s success, whereby even today the activities are still geared towards conceiving new production methods as well as developing innovative product lines. Cotto d’Este is also mindful of the well-being of people & the environment.

The extremely innovative production techniques at Cotto d’Este were soon reflected in unique designs and a wide range of sizes, including the extremely large tiles of the Kerlite line at 3 x 1 metres, with a thickness starting at just 3 mm. Even 25 years after it was established, Cotto d’Este still offers that possibility of creating new solutions that amaze time and again.

For example, in 2017, Cotto d’Este launched the exceptionally exclusive Kerlite Wonderwall. A truly unique series with 12 magnificent and extremely diverse artistic motifs, from baroque to patchwork and through to ultra-modern prints. Every composition with Kerlite Wonderwall consists of three parts measuring 100x300 cm, while even just one tile gives a unique look to small rooms, such as toilets, but also to bathrooms and large surfaces like in cafés or entrance areas.

Kerlite Wonderwall can be combined perfectly with the other Kerlite range or with the Cotto d’Este floor tiles, which also stand out with their 14 mm thickness. Click here to view the extensive Kerlite Wonderwall brochure.


Other prominent brands with which Eurovite works include: Provenza, Sintesi, Cevica, Eco, Dom Ascot, Cotto d’Este, Casa Tiles, Saime & Monocibec.

Saint Malo

Saint Malo formule

The latest formula within the Eurovite Group is “Saint Malo”.

Saint Malo includes cement-bound tiles (Mirafloor), hand-made wall tiles (Cevica, among others), mosaics (Deco Luce, among others), double-fired tiles with Victorian decoration (Topcer) and colourful tiles (Johnson tiles, a good alternative to Dutch Mosa, for example).

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