The Eurovite formula

Eurovite’s sales formula is geared towards supplying customers with a product that offers added value (in relation to tiles as well as self-manufactured products). This approach was initially introduced mainly for smaller specialist plumbing and tile retailers. However, since the early 1990s, further growth has been targeted by attracting larger customers and by cultivating the architects and projects market. The latter target group demands a special approach for which a separate formula has been developed. What is really special about Eurovite is that it is a trader, producer and distributor combined! This generates an extremely strong synergistic effect. Eurovite delivers directly to its customers as a distributor, trader and producer (it is three in one). As a result, at least one link (namely the adhesives wholesaler) is skipped, which has a positive impact on both the clout and the pricing of the combined products (tiles and adhesive) and delivers greater efficiency, margins and transparency for customers.

Eurovite products

Eurovite offers four main products:

  1. tiles (importer and distributor)
  2. tile adhesives (producer and distributor)
  3. wallpaper adhesives, tube products and wall and floor fillers (producer and distributor)
  4. service (support, advice, logistics)

Tiles and tile adhesives are closely related and cover virtually the same markets.
These include wall and floor tiles, grouts and related products (these products can be varied where opportunities arise).
The tile adhesive is in the medium and highest segment, while the tiles cover all market segments (from basic to high-end).
Wallpaper adhesive is sold in Europe, particularly Germany and France, but also in Eastern European countries and even in Asia and North Africa. As a Private Label specialist, Eurovite is able to serve every market segment with any desired quality. Production was expanded in 2002, which largely afforded Eurovite a unique starting position within the (Western) European market for wallpaper adhesive.

The added value

  1. For Eurovite customers (who are not private individuals), it is not only the product and the depth and breadth of the range that are important but also, in particular, the logistical backing provided by Eurovite. This means keeping a permanent stock (20,000 m2 warehouse) of products (more than 4,000 different “article numbers”!) and timely delivery of orders (at least 2x per week with one of the many in-house lorry combinations).
    Logistics are therefore one of Eurovite’s key strengths.
  2. A second added value with the tiles, in particular, is the “shop-in-shop system” that Eurovite operates. The Eurovite tile displays are of high quality, are constantly updated and can be adapted with great flexibility to the specific wishes of any customer (service). The “shop-in-shop presentations” are linked to (contractual) Eurovite exclusivity obligations for the customer. There is also a custom-made showroom service where the shop-in-shop system is specifically geared towards the customer’s individual wishes.
  3. A third added value is the alignment of the tiles and tile adhesive products. As a result, these products are expanding more or less into a Total Tile System. New products are also being added based on this philosophy, such as corner finishing and construction elements. Lastly, the combination of producer, trader and distributor is unique in Europe.

Product +

In terms of the tile (and adhesive) division, each product can therefore be considered a product +. It is not just the tile or the adhesive. This concerns the whole of the products and the way in which they are marketed. The + stands for the service, particularly the logistics and the in-house service department which are added and have been proven to be extremely valuable for customers.


The quality of the Eurovite products is absolutely outstanding. This applies to the wallpaper adhesive (including each separate one in the various quality segments) as well as to the tile adhesive, which is among the very best available! However: growth can also put pressure on quality, so the company constantly needs to work hard to keep the service and quality bar high and ideally to raise it even higher! This means that if you take a step at the top, the entire organisation (every level beneath the top level) has to (be able to) take the same step (growth).


Eurovite covers virtually every price segment (from basic to high-end) and therefore also every market level. What is important in this context is the fact that Eurovite, as an adhesive manufacturer, delivers directly to retailers (it is both a manufacturer and a distributor), so here too the best possible balance between price and quality can be realised for customers.

Trade/sales force

Eurovite has its own Trade division with its own representatives and also specific project representatives who represent the project formula. There is a strong and close-knit sales team operating with very good nationwide coverage, coordinated by the sales management team and supported by the business office, product management and purchasing office. The same sales management team also coordinates the close working relationship between sales staff in the field and sales staff in the office (the business office).

The Export and Private Labels division (including wallpaper adhesives and tube products) works mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.


Eurovite’s main sister company

Eurovite Belgium

Eurovite België N.V. in Diest is the Belgian agency of the Eurovite Group.
Eurovite België N.V. was established in 1989 as a stockkeeping Belgian wholesaler from Tessenderlo to sell and distribute the products of the “Keyenberg” Dutch tile factory and of the Dutch adhesive factory and tile distributor “Eurovite Netherlands”. However, the Belgian warehouse and the showroom were closed in the early 1990s, whereupon distribution for Belgium was then carried out from the Netherlands while the sales activities remained in Belgium.
In 1991, the “Keyenberg” ceased its operations as a tile factory, but following a “quiet period” (1997 and 2002) Eurovite Belgium became very active again on the Belgian market from 2003 onwards with a “best-of selection” of representative offices which the Dutch sister companies also run.
Distribution in Western European takes place from the central warehouse in Ede, the Netherlands.

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